Walter's Private Reserve Batch #121

Walter's Private Reserve Batch #121


Each week we harvest Tigriopus Californicus, Apocyclops Panamensis and Tisbe Biminiensis. The end result is the highest concentration of Copepods available on the market today known as Walter's Private Reserve.

  • It is the perfect feed for your reef inhabitants

  • An excellent way seed a newer system

Some other things to note:

  • Our system is fish free and copper free so you should have no worries about unwanted diseases or contaminants.

  • Our Pods are raised on algae that we grow using Guillard's F2 not lawn fertilizer or farm run off.

  • Pods can tolerate some pretty wide temperature swings and we ship ours well wrapped with a gel pack.  That being said if it is extremely hot or cold at your location it is best get them inside asap.  Our system will send you a delivery notice by email if you provide it at checkout.  

  • We recommend using within a week of delivery and it's a good idea to remove the cap and let it breath. 

  • Our production is limited so once their gone it will be a week before we ship again - with the exception of replacements for DOAs see our Live on Arrival Guarantee.

What’s in the bag:

  • A Crap load of Pods - That’s Science talk for Thousands

  • 20oz of saltwater

  • A little bit Chaeto and Phyto to keep them happy during transit

Please remember our growth and harvest system yields a batch per week. As a result we ship on Mondays - We promise it's worth the wait.

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